07 Jun

UASA is concerned about the late introduction of a Covid-19 vaccine compared to many other countries who have started injecting people against the virus.

We urge government to make sure South Africans are protected from infection sooner than later.

Government has unveiled its strategy to secure Covid-19 vaccines to inoculate two-thirds of South Africa’s population in the hope of creating herd immunity while the virus is spreading at an alarming rate. We are deeply concerned that our frail health care system may be unable to cope.

Inoculated workers can go back to work, earn an income, provide for their families and help the economy raise its head. We need South Africans healthy and protected against the coronavirus as third and fourth waves are predicted that could lead to even more business closures and job losses.

In the meantime, UASA fully supports the current level 3 regulations and we appeal to our members and workers in general to wear their masks, keep social distance, wash their hands and sanitise. We must continue to exercise great caution until the vaccination drive has been completed, hopefully by the end of this year.

Together, we must fight and overcome the pandemic.

For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Stanford Mazhindu at 074 978 3415.

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