10 Jun

Lower data prices

UASA is pleased that attention is being paid to the high data prices strangling cell phone users.

Data is very expensive in South Africa and it has reached a point where those that can afford it are separated by a financial resources rift  from those who are left behind because they can’t. The fourth industrial revolution is with us and connectivity is instrumental in ensuring we are part of the change, lowering the cost of data can help us to achieve that.

We trust that network providers will cut rates as per the recommendation of the Competition Commission.

Fuel price

On the negative side concerning workers’ expenses, the petrol price will increase by 22 cents on Wednesday. Even though the Rand was doing well against the USD, the international price of crude oil increased thus pushing the costs on to the consumers. This is bad news for consumers especially this time to the year where holiday makers are planning to go away over the festive season as it will add considerably to their travel costs. Already taxi and bus fares are inflated this time of the year due to demand, an increase in petrol price will force consumers to dig even deeper to afford their travels.

Diesel will decrease by 15c while illuminating paraffin will also decrease by 24c, this has been attributed to seasonal decline in demand as most diesel consuming industries are slowing down towards year end.

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