09 Jun

Amidst all the negative impact that Covid-19 has unleashed, the upcoming significant decline in the fuel price is a welcome relief to citizens.

This is in line with other countries globally as a result of the international price of Brent crude oil falling to record low, levels last seen over a decade ago. However, the weakening Rand against the US dollar limited the fuel price decrease and may be cause for concern in coming months.

The price of petrol 95 will decrease by R1.88/ℓ, petrol 93 by R1.76/ℓ, diesel by around R1.34/ℓ, and illuminating paraffin by R1,84/ℓ.

Whilst we are in lockdown and the majority of workers and citizens won’t be on the road,  we are hopeful that the price drops will positively impact the cost of food and other essential goods by reducing the transport component of costs. UASA urges all role players in these supply chains to pass on the savings to consumers as a matter of urgency.

We are also hopeful that the significant reduction in the price of illuminating paraffin will bring immediate relief to the poorest and most vulnerable citizens of our society. 

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