08 Jun

Fuel prices are cause for celebration this month as the retail price for diesel and illuminating paraffin decrease by respectively 21 cent per litre and 35 cent per litre , while petrol of all grades increases by 1 cent per litre as from midnight tonight.

The announcement by the Department of energy will come as a relief for poor workers who have been subjected to steep grocery price increases during the lockdown.

Early in August the poorest of the poor were hit by a price increase in illuminating paraffin prices of 39 cents per litre in a move that pushed heating and cooking cost up 78 cent a day or R23.40 per month for those using 2 litres per day. 

Against the background of the Covid-19 restrictions to trade and the economy only just showing signs of stirring into action, millions are still forced to make do with very little or nothing and are yet to receive the promised R350 Covid-19 relief grant. For them, the lower fuel prices can be the difference between heating and cooking or nothing at all.  

UASA urges government to make work of the promised financial aid without delay, as many South Africans are still waiting for this relief to help them feed their families and stay warm during the last days of winter. 

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