26 May

When you make a life-changing decision and quit your permanent 9 to 5 job, it is given that you have your reasons. While you start to learn about the new world of freelancing trying to learn everything and keep your office running accordingly can be a strain and a bit uncomfortable.

This is why you need to do your research before launching your new business. Learn the industry etiquette, operations, tools, and applications you may need to use daily and learn them, but most importantly make connections.

Online applications and tools can assist you to have a good turnaround time and meet your deadlines. Follow UASA Independent Professionals and get a few tips on what you need to know and become a successful freelancer in 2021:

Get essential technology that works best for freelancers

Freelancers are best known for their flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere. Although you may not be office-bound with colleagues, you probably need to schedule meetings and conference calls with clients. Because of the nature of freelancing sometimes you may be traveling yet still need to be in meetings or take calls. This is why you need the best internet connection and smartphones wherever you are.

As you need to frequently access the internet and often on multiple devices you are likely to rely on your phone or a pocket Wi-Fi router for a connection. Your mobile hotspot is most useful to connect a few devices that you need to access your work on the go. Of course, there will be other external factors that will cause distractions while you are working such as background noise or unstable internet connection.

One solution is a noise-cancelling microphone headset that filters out any background noise on your end and purchasing extra batteries for your gadgets just in case you don’t get enough time to charge them. Or you can purchase a power bank or a portable charger because you can’t afford to slack off and not meet your deadlines.

Install applications and tools that will benefit your business

Do your research and learn about the best tools and applications that will benefit your freelancing business. Applications that assist to fix writing mistakes and grammar like Grammarly, social media management such as Hootsuite, or a website building application like WordPress will surely help you to work smart, not hard.

Depending on the nature of your freelance business, there are many tools that you can install on the electronic gadgets that you can access anytime and anywhere allowing you to be flexible.

Saving your work, documents, and files on cloud is a must for a freelancer. This allows you to access your data anytime you want as long as you have an internet connection via Dropbox, Google Drive, or other applications.

Treat your business as a professional job

Just like a typical 9 to 5 job, you need to create a work schedule that best fits your needs. If you are not a morning person, an afternoon schedule can be an option. That way, your clients will know what time to consult and send you work stuff.

Protect your time including your evenings, weekends, and public holidays by having your clients respect that unless if it’s an emergency call. Don’t feel pressure to respond to emails or instant messaging immediately. Consider using Google auto-response for your emails, sometimes clients just need a confirmation of receipt to stay calm as they know that you have received their email and you will certainly reply.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your business. Purchasing a better smartphone, laptop or fast Wi-Fi router should not be considered as an unnecessary purchase but rather investing in your business. You can consider using money-management applications that can help you with a budget plan and give you a sense of financial control whenever you need to purchase something for your business.

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