26 May

As we get set for the year 2021, a lot has changed in the past few months with online teaching platforms and course creators strongly advocating for their courses and conferences. Surely you have received a few newsletters and promotional emails inviting you to enrol in an online course.

Be it freelance writing, social media management, graphic design, or SEO, online courses and certifications have proved to provide useful skills and knowledge in freelancing. Are you questioning yourself whether this is the right time to take an online course or not? Of course, you may be sceptical whether an online course can contribute to your freelance career or not. In today’s blog, UASA has a few tips on the pros and cons of taking an online course.

Is an online course right for you?

Whether online courses and certifications make you more employable is still an issue of great debate. While, many freelancers have gained skills and knowledge from online courses, others have managed to build a reputable freelancing business without certificates.

But if you are looking to boost your business and area of expertise including how you conduct yourself, market your services, convince clients, and even increase what you charge then you may consider enrolling in a course that will help you achieve those goals.

What do your clients want?

With your professional portfolio, clients may still ask you to provide certificates of the qualifications that you hold. This can be a bit tricky if you don’t have any because for other clients providing them with your qualifications assures them of your competence in terms of doing a good job.

While sometimes clients ask if you provide additional services other than the one on your portfolio. For example, if you are a social media manager, clients might ask if you can also provide copywriting, editing, or proofreading services.

Rather than let the client source these services from another freelancer, you can consider taking an online course in the field or attending a conference and use the knowledge or certificates to convince clients of the additional benefits or services you can provide their business.

Do you want to earn more as a freelancer?

Do you want to diversify your business and earn more money? With the coronavirus showing us how every job can help you to survive, diversifying to other fields may be another way to fight for a top spot in the freelancing industry. For example, if you areca skilled social media manager who wants to diversify to other sectors like SEO or copywriting. Taking an online course will contribute in that new field and have you getting more income as a freelancer.

A certificate can be useful in two ways, to attract clients via referral. If you do the same course as other best freelancers in your field, you can be able to score a client or two. When you want to upgrade your services or raise your rates. Getting a certificate will prove that you have more knowledge in your chosen field and that will make you an expert in your field.

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