26 May

Are you looking to reach more clients? With more than 3 billion social media users across the world, reaching more clients is the core plan for freelancers but what other better way is there to reach more clients than using social media?

Thanks to countless applications and tools that are available online, freelancers now have the ability to build a strong and professional online image for their business and attract more clients. And chances are that you are not fully using social media to your advantage. Below are a few tips on how you can completely use social media as your best mate and make the best out of your freelancing business:


As we already know the best advantages of social media is that it’s cheap, efficient, and appropriate, giving you the opportunity to easily get your name out there. But there are so many social media platforms out there and you obviously can’t be on each and every platform, this is why it’s better to narrow it down to the platforms that you think will best sustain your business. Once you get those, focus your energy and time on growing those social media accounts.

LinkedIn and Twitter

These platforms are the most effective for freelancers offering services directly to other businesses or professionals. It provides a space for you to showcase your qualifications and experience, so make time to add all your details to your profile. Most small to medium businesses use Twitter for customer support and that where you can make your move and connect with relevant people. While almost 50% of LinkedIn users are in management positions that is another great opportunity to connect with relevant people in your industry who may turn out to be future clients.


Facebook is the largest social media platform globally and most freelancers are active on the platform. It is essential that you connect with other freelancers and have your own network base. A good network base comes with referrals that can help you build a stable client portfolio. So it is essential that you at least have consistent content on this platform. If you want to boost any of your posts, Facebook works out to be the cheapest based on price per click and gives you a lot of options to modify.


While, Instagram is a great platform for more creative freelancers for example graphic designers, content creators, artists, or photographers. The platform provides an excellent place for freelancers to showcase their work individually and differentiate themselves from other freelancers. The platform is a bit expensive for advertising hence you can use it as an online portfolio.

Timing and Consistency

As a freelancer, your focus will always be on providing a service to your clients. Being consistent with your content to build and grow your online image is one way to have your clients and audience trusting your brand. You can boost your page traffic by over 80% by simply sticking to a strategy of posting once a week at the same time. Most consumers use the internet to find out information about a service, hence optimizing your social media is the most effective way to ensure you are at the top of a client’s list.

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