26 May

Apart from the obvious: remuneration, working hours and deadlines, there are many other important things that you must consider before signing a contract of work.

As much as you need the money, you must enjoy and be invested in the project or company that you are going to work with.

It’s better to set things clear before signing a contract with a client to avoid questioning yourself with some things that can’t be changed once you sign your work contract.

UASA is here to help you hit pause on your instant response and take time to ask a few of the following questions before you agree to take on a new project:

How does this job fit with your professional goals?

Getting gigs as a freelancer is as important as signing that contract but first ask yourself: is this job something that I want to do? Is the job worth my time and effort? This is because the scope of work and remuneration must be worth your attention and skills.

Are you comfortable to work with the company or client? Is the project in line with what you specialise in? Referring clients to someone who you know and trust to do a better job than you is not a bad thing to do as a freelancer. This is because throughout your freelancing career, you should continuously build good connections and head towards your desired field.

What is the vision of the project?

When you are considering taking on a new gig, be sure to know what it entails. The more details you know, the better for you to decide if you are going to sign or not. Ask to see examples of the client’s previous work so that you know about any specific style and guidelines that you must follow.

In addition, ask what the aim of the project is and what ideas the client may have, if any? This information will assist you to decide if this is the type of work you want to do or not. It’s good to enjoy a gig than to do a shady job just because you need the money.

Can I use this work in my portfolio?

A freelancer’s portfolio is more important than a Curriculum Vitae. A portfolio represents a freelancer as most clients ask for a portfolio with proof of your completed work. Before signing that big client or any reputable work, always ask to use the work for your portfolio.

This will help you to source similar clients and set your freelancing career on a go. Having credit on the work that you do for clients strengthens your portfolio and helps you gain exposure in your field of work.

Who does the project belong to?

Working with someone or a company that you look up to as a professional makes it better for you to enjoy a project. A multi-head project can be complicated and time-consuming for you as a freelancer because you do not work for one client only and you still need to attend to your other clients. Therefore, working with a client or company that you like makes it easy for you to enjoy the project and invest your time on the project.

UASA’s Independent Professional Sector is available to assist you to understand your contract better and know what you are signing up for. We are available to assist you to make an informed decision in terms of clients who you want to work with.

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