26 May

Freelancers have rapidly taken over the world of work with young and skilled freelancers emerging each day, creating a skills and resources battlefield where they compete to get clients to sustain their businesses.

But like any other career you certainly need a unique skill or two that will help you to survive in the industry. And the good thing is that we are living in a digital world where you don’t need to spend years developing a new skill to make more money, all you need is to make time and money to pay to learn any new skill that you want.

In today’s blog, UASA looks at 4 lucrative skills that freelancers who work in digital and marketing industry need to help them improve their careers:

Facebook Ad Management

Did you know that a short-course on Facebook AD Management can make a huge difference to your annual turnover as a freelancer? Digital marketing has become complex and when it comes to Facebook ads, many business owners feel intimidated and overwhelmed on how it works. This is why you need this skill as a freelancer because Facebook marketing is a powerful platform. Given a contract to properly implement, monitor, adjust and optimize Facebook ad campaigns for small businesses, you can make good money.

WordPress Development

If you are looking to earn big money then WordPress development should be one of the top skill on your list for its extreme high demand. The good news is that you don’t need to master coding in full but a few basics on how to set up hosting, working with premium themes and page builders as well as how to maintain live sites in WordPress. While, for advanced design you will need to learn PHP, HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript.

Content Marketing

Every business no matter how small needs good content to survive online. The selling idea or content must be on-point for customers to engage with the brand. After all the years of spammy web marketing tactics, click-bait advertising and black-hat marketing methods, we are finally in a digital age where digital marketing depend on the type of content that you let the world see. This is why you need to take the opportunity and specialise in content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Almost every business needs Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) because businesses depend on customers’ interaction with the brand online. While, most t business owners and marketing directors are usually busy to spend time analysing, optimising and monitoring their websites, this is where you come in. If you have the capacity to spend a few hours solving technical website glitches then you can charge good money while you also use your SEO skills on your own website to drive quality leads to your freelancing business.

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