07 Jun

The petrol price decreasing with 13 cents per litre for both grades is good news for South Africans planning to travel home or going on a holiday over the festive days. It will add to the costs saved during an otherwise expensive season.

The increase in the price of diesel, gas and illuminating paraffin will be less welcome, especially those wo rely on paraffin for cooking and heating. Two litres of illuminating paraffin per day will now cost 57.72 cents more and R17.67 more per month, which is a considerable increase for those in our communities who may have lost their jobs during the lockdown and have to get by on the bare minimum.  

UASA encourages members and workers in general to keep an eye on their finances and to manage their money wisely, keeping January – when for many school fees, uniforms, books and stationary need to be provided for – in mind.

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