08 Jun

The High Court’s ruling that Nersa may not deduct a R69-billion cash injection from Eskom’s allowable revenue is a ruling against South Africa’s workers who are already struggling to get by due to high unemployment, the Covid-19 pandemic and its resulting job and income losses. 

It is also a ruling against all our efforts to revive the economy after the most difficult five months in our history.

The court ordered that the average standard Eskom tariffs approved by Nersa for the 2021/2022 financial year would be increased by from 116.72 c/kWh to128.24 c/kWh. 

This ruling effectively means Eskom can apply for higher tariffs. 

South Africans are now at risk of paying more for a notoriously unreliable service from a power utility whose actions were marked as a leading contributor to the recent downgrade by international ratings agency Moody’s.

It is no secret that South Africans cannot afford to pay more for electricity or anything else. Workers are stretched to the limit. This while the workers who depend on Eskom for electricity supply are powerless to fight these rulings.

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