June 11, 2021

The upcoming significant drop in the fuel price on Wednesday was widely anticipated by workers and motorists alike to bring some relief,

even if it be temporarily given the monthly fluctuations of fuel costs, but the nasty truth is that the lower price is negated by the hefty increases in the price of electricity and other municipal services across many municipalities.

Petrol price

With regards to Petrol prices, 95 octane will fall by 95 cents a litre and 93 octane by 96 cents at midnight today, whilst diesel will decrease by 74-75 cents a litre. However,  The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA)  approved a 15,63% average price increase in electricity for municipalities, this astronomical increase will be implemented as of 1 July 2019.

Municipal rates also increased on the 1st of July and will affect millions of workers in towns and cities across the country, adding to the financial stress and woes of already cash strapped South Africans.

Looking at the City of Johannesburg, we see an increase of 9.9% for water, 5.5% for property rates, refuse removal will increase by 7% and electricity by a whopping 13.07% and many other municipalities will follow suit.

Whilst most municipal services increase annually, these increases come in way above the CPI.

This is indicative of a government that has lost touch with reality and shows little sympathy towards its financially overburdened citizens in an already ailing economy, with extremely high levels of unemployment. Most families and extended families are relying on a single low income and battling daily to put food on the table.

Whilst UASA welcomes the fuel price decreases, it is most concerned with these exorbitant municipal increases as it adds more gloom to the coming winter months for South Africans.

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