10 Jun

South Africa loves Black Friday to such an extent that last year, the day saw more growth in our country than anywhere else in the world.

The popularity of Black Friday and its cousin Cyber Monday is fuelled by a difficult economic climate and household expenses that are getting out of hand, combined with payday and the hope of a good bargain.

However, retailers aren’t looking after customers’ interests and UASA wants to warn its members and the general public to be rational and not to get caught up in a bargain frenzy, especially since most of the so-called bargains on the day may not be what they seem.

Do some planning before you rush to a shop and end up with goods that you didn’t need or even want. Do not buy things because they are cheap, rather buy what you need.

Last year alert consumers noted that retailers were not totally honest with their prices, having upped the prices in the weeks before Black Friday just to make certain items look like bargains on the day.

The best strategy is to shop for items you need in any case.

If you are gunning for a luxury item like a TV or a dishwasher don’t just believe what you see in a shop. Do your homework and compare prices before you take out your wallet.

Be wise, be informed and stay cool, or else you could end up with an empty bank account before the festive season has even begun.

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