09 Jun

Denel’s ventilator production project, which is to produce ventilators to help the country’s health services cope with the expected flood of covid-19 patients, is a prime example of how industries can reinvent themselves in difficult economic times.

The ventilator production project, named Project Sabela (we are heeding the call), will work in partnership with other state-owned entities, research bodies and medical technology companies.

The National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (Naacam) also announced its ventilator production plans, a full-scale production of the Penlon Nuffield 200 ventilator, a time-cycled ventilator driven by air pressure.

With only around 6 000 ventilators in South Africa’s hospitals, we are in dire need of these machines in the face of a surge of covid-19 cases. With local manufacturers breaching the gap, we will hopefully be less dependent on time-consuming and expensive imports. We are also happy that local manufacturing will help the economy and keep South Africans employed.

UASA, which has members at various Denel operations, is pleased to hear that the company is also looking into how its current operations can assist with producing sanitisers and ambulances.

UASA wishes Denel, Naacam and all others who are working towards the country defeating the effects of the coronavirus, well with their new endeavours and hopes to see the first of the new ventilators alleviate the need soon.

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