UASA Independent Professional Sector

Are you an independent professional? 

You are not alone. Internationally, there are more independent contractors than full time employees - and South Africa is catching up.Without a traditional job, and a full-time employment contract, you probably are not covered by the South African Labour Relations Act, CCMA or Bargaining Councils. That does not mean you have no rights, and it does not mean you should stand alone. 


Join UASA and be work and legal smart 

UASA is one of South Africa’s oldest trade unions with a rich labour history dating back to 1894. We believe we are stronger together. You deserve the peace of mind that you are protected and for the first time, we are opening our doors to independent professionals. 

With us, you have lawyers on call to:

■ Review your contracts

■ Give you legal advice for remuneration, contract and civil matters

■ Represent you at mediations, or court 

Ready to get legal smart?

1. You deserve peace of mind that you are legally and adequately protected in all respects

2. You should have your contract checked out by legal professionals now

There is a waiting period for some of our benefits. Please look at the next page for more information.

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Registered with Department of Labour

LR 2/6/2/1499

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