08 Jun

The fuel price decrease that becomes effective at midnight on Wednesday will bring some relief to cash-strapped South Africans who now under lockdown level 1, are able to travel for a variety of reasons and not just limited to business, seeking medical attention or looking for home supplies.   

The price of petrol will drop with 23c for both grades of 93 and by 32 cents per litre for both grades of 95.  The price of diesel 0,05% and 0,005% will go down with 90 and 93 cents respectively.

The decrease of 76 cents coupled with last month decrease of 35 cents will bring a total saving of R1.11 per litre of illuminating paraffin.

This will bring relief to the millions of workers who use it for heating and cooking and who may have lost their income due to the lockdown. Two litres for heating and cooking will now cost R2.22 less per day and about R66.60 less per month, which is a considerable saving for those in our communities who get by on the bare minimal.  

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