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7 June 2022


Increasing staff productivity and performance is one of the most challenging tasks organisations confront. This is especially true when global economies are struggling, and people are trying to figure out how to operate in a post-Covid-19 world. Employees can be underperforming for a variety of reasons. Mental health and workplace wellness may be factors, or employees may lack skills that affect their performance.


Employees may only require a little mentoring and coaching through workplace counselling. Workplace counselling is similar to therapy, but it is usually a short-term intervention that focuses on problem-solving, sometimes involving emotional aspects, and finding appropriate solutions for employees.


What is workplace counselling?

Because it can improve an employee’s mental health and emotional welfare, workplace counselling is defined as achieving wellness in the workplace. Workplace counselling is for all employees. It involves making an objective person or specialist available to them at work, free of charge, with whom they may have purposeful and confidential dialogues.


These meetings provide a secure environment for employees to address any challenges or issues they may face and help them acquire the skills and coping strategies they need to deal with them. Counselling in the workplace not only aids employees in overcoming many of the stresses of everyday life, but it also has advantages for the organisation.



Workplace Counselling forms part of the overall strategy of creating wellness in the workplace. If you have a sudden behavioural change and intensified irritability, seem constantly preoccupied, battling upskilling and training efforts, and are uninterested and tired. If you see a sudden decrease in your productivity and dedication, you need to go the counselling route. The aim is to get employees to feel comfortable about themselves and others surrounding them as they learn to deal with the daily stresses of life.


For employees:

  • Someone objective to talk to and get sound advice
  • The service is free and in a safe environment
  • Provides learning opportunities for coping strategies
  • Assist in finding solutions to problems and making impersonal decisions
  • Provides a Support System
  • It makes employees feel heard
  • Help them achieve a more positive outlook
  • It helps set achievable goals which will enhance performance and personal growth
  • Promotes wellness, controlling emotions and mental health
  • Assist with dealing and adapting to change

For Employers:

  • Increases the employee’s performance and, therefore, their productivity
  • Shows employees that their Employers care for them
  • Builds loyalty towards the company
  • Assist with decreasing absenteeism
  • It provides an arena to deal with problems and come up with solutions before it escalates
  • Reduces disgruntled employees
  • Encourages communication skills
  • Boosts positivity among employees and thus contributes to the company’s overall morale.


The Management and significantly Human Resources Managers should develop Counselling Skills. This type of training will:


  • Please help them deal with and calm the employee’s anger and frustrations.
  • Improve their active listening skills.
  • Assist them in identifying the core problems and pinpointing specific workable solutions.
  • Improve their overall communication skills and body language.
  • Equip them with time, stress, conflict, and change management skills and techniques.
  • Develop and improve their emotional intelligence to increase their empathy towards the employee being counselled.


The Human Resources Manager or person responsible for the counselling need to assist employees by equipping them with various techniques and coping mechanisms and to help them make their own decisions from the choices available to them. Their advice, tips and practices, and guidance will ultimately transform employees to boost their performance and growth.


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