26 Oct

26 October 2021

What is organizational culture?

Organizational culture is an organization’s shared values, goals, and behaviours. It affects how employees interact, the way work is executed and the decisions that an organization makes.

An organization is only as good as the people who work for it, which is why organizational culture is very important. If you follow the right steps, you’ll be on your way to creating a fantastic organizational culture. In today’s blog, UASA looks at a few advantages of creating a good culture in an organization and how it positively helps with productivity in the workplace.

Benefits of good organizational culture


Transparency is a top factor in employee happiness. When an organization’s culture is focused on transparency, everybody knows what is expected of them, how business is faring, and the direction of the organization.

Positive team morale 

A good organizational culture can bring employees together. When everyone shares values and a mission, your workforce becomes a team.

Job satisfaction

If employees like their work environment and are happy with the people they work with and for, they are more likely to be satisfied in their jobs.

Improved well-being

Toxic work environments can harm not only productivity but also employees’ health. A healthy organizational culture can do the opposite. When employees don’t feel overwhelmed or afraid of losing their jobs, their well-being usually improves.

To create a fantastic organizational culture, it is important to understand what motivates employees and what do they want to achieve in a workplace. Learning a few things about people who are working in your organization can be helpful as it will help to create a safe work environment and a place where all employees feel safe.

As a leader, you need to evaluate what is working for the organization and what is not working. Communication and transparency are key components of successful organizational culture. If changes are needed, do not be afraid to make a suggestion and fund a way to implement those changes. The same goes for employees, if you are not happy with something in your workplace, do not hesitate to come forward and make a suggestion to your team manager. That way everyone is accommodated.

Creating a fantastic organizational culture takes time, but if you stick to your plan and tweak it along the way, you will have a vibrant and flourishing organization that is a desirable place to work.

Key takeaway: To create a fantastic organizational culture, define your mission, vision, and goals; get feedback from employees; monitor progress, and implement any necessary changes. If you create a great organizational culture, your employees will look forward to coming to work and will take pride in their output.


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