08 Jun

UASA won another arbitration victory for its members when packaging and paper company Mondi was ordered not to change Conditions of Service unilaterally.

Using the Covid-19 crisis as motivation, Mondi embarked on a process to limit the number of employees on a shift, and increase the number of working hours per shift from 8 to 12 hours without offering overtime for the additional hours worked.

UASA members were prepared to work longer shifts but insisted on overtime being paid for the additional hours, in terms of the existing Collective Agreement.

Mondi approached the Labour Court on an urgent basis for an interdict forcing our members to work overtime without additional payment. The court dismissed the application stating that the issue should be dealt with through the dispute mechanisms of the National Bargaining Council for the Wood and Paper Sector.

The matter was referred to arbitration.

The Arbitration award was in UASA members favour, the ruling states that shifts may not be unilaterally changed by the employer. In the event that the employer requires our members to work additional hours per shift, overtime must be paid.  

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