10 Jun

Matrics will need to put in everything to achieve the best marks they can to open door to their best future.

When entering the job market or tertiary institutions next year, school leavers will have to adjust to a competitive environment of a different nature than they have experienced over the past twelve years.

Whether matriculants enter the job market or opt for further studies next year, they must keep in mind that the world of work is changing and that the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and automation will claim a certain line of jobs.

Mike Schussler during the 18th South African Employment Report (SAER) mentioned that the future of work is going to be mainly dominated by services. Service oriented jobs are growing in South Africa with new trends coming up such as Uber, Taxify, AirBnB etc.

Oxford University recently researched which jobs are most and least likely to be automated soon.

Jobs that are likely to be automated include, for instance, telemarketing and data entry jobs. These are examples of occupations where tasks are repeated over and over, which is something a machine could eventually do. However, telemarketing is a type of sales, and sales will always be with us, say the researchers. The same goes for data entries – computers will soon be able to enter data, but there remains a real need to make sense of all this data; this is why data scientists are currently most in demand all over the world and will continue to be so.

What this shows us is that 4IR requires skill changes and a new way of looking at future jobs. Jobs are changing from “do this one thing every day, all day” to requiring more strategic and critical thinking.

Jobs that are unlikely to be automated already require a lot of human interaction and critical, empathetic thinking. A good example is social workers who need to handle cases from a clinical, legal and emotional angle, which would be difficult for a robot to do.

UASA urges matriculants to put everything they have into this final exam of their school careers and to make wise decisions regarding their future.

Good luck and best wishes Matric Class of 2019.

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